Introducing Hues Books

Welcome to the world of Hues Books! All the books on this website are by the same author, Patricia Hughes BA(Hons), MA. 
In early 2021 informed me that according to their 'Thrulines' DNA tracing service, I am the granddaughter of William Butler Yeats. My father Kevin Barry O'Neill really was his first son by Lily O'Neill. As they are now all deceased, William and Lily, along with Kevin and his wife Erni, are all united for the first time. Now they are the family they always wanted to be. ... when this soul, its body off, Naked to naked goes, He it has found shall find therein What none other knows, And give his own and take his own And rule in his own right; And though it loved in misery Close and cling so tight, There's not a bird of day that dare Extinguish that delight.
At Birmingham University I began transcribing the Quarto Journals of Anne Lister (1791-1840), who was a lesbian before the word was invented. Her diary contained an enormous amount of coded passages, written in secret so that nobody, not even the servants, could read it. She had been given the code by Eliza Raine, her school friend. At boarding school, they shared an attic bedroom, the slope, and became very intimate. Son they 'married' each other and swore to live together. But it never worked out that way; Anne became a rich heiress and Eliza was sent to a mental home.
Later U came across a photo of William Butler Yeats receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1923. He looked just like my father, who was the illegitimate son of an unknown father. So I looked up my grandmother, who had been murdered during the Irish Free State, and the incredible story emerged.
I had a two-year contract, and couldn't finish when it ended; I just carried on transcribing and broadened my research to include Eliza Raine's life. I wrote two books about her life, but no one would publish them because lesbianism was still illegal. So Hues Books came into being, and I published them myself.